Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Laptop bag sheath

DD's school district supplies extra copies of every textbook so the kids can keep a set at home and not have to lug the things back and forth. Kids with multiple parental abodes get two sets! However, the school also supplies a laptop in a padded case and it must be lugged. The bus stop is a mile's walk down a steep hill, and the library is twice that. I sewed a sheath so she could wear the computer instead of having to use the dinky handle or cram it in her backpack.

This is the sheath, inside-out. I doubled cotton twill tape and sewed through it many times to reinforce the bag and distribute the weight better. There is also twill tape running around the top inside the facing. The school-issued padded case has a little strap on one side for a clip-on charger case. Running one of the twill tape arms up beneath the strap keeps the sheath from rotating or slumping. So far, the only wear appears to be the bottom corners, which I expected. I mitered and reinforced them and will simply sew another bag when the corners wear through. Now the little critter needs a raincoat! I've been wishing for deflector shields and a coat with rain gutters, and it's only the second spot of rain this season.

On the knitting front, I've finished Aunt Connie's left sock and am contemplating whipping out a right sock with the new shaped shank, longer heel flap, and rapid gusset, just in case I guessed correctly on the alterations. I cast on a mosaic swatch (BW1 Fretwork) simply because it's been about twenty years since I did any slip stitch knitting beyond EOP. I'm using up some Peruvian Collection Highland Wool and will turn the 82-stitch swatch into a small fulled purse for DD's wonderful history teacher. Since the PCHW pills so badly (still trying to get a good photo of DD's pilly Rogue), I'm converting it all to fulled items. There are a few other mosaic patterns to try, then I'll do some Bavarian twisted stich swatch purses to review that technique for the CIT and fill the gift basket.

First, though, I need to cast on a Wool-Ease hat to show the kids at Teen Knitting Club tomorrow.