Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Aren't they lovely? There was a second male, but he was swimming flank and hard to catch in a photo.

A nearly finished fingerless mitt. It fits DD better, but she's at a playdate with two friends this afternoon. They are studying how to take tests more effectively, one of the other moms' ideas. The girls thought it would be fun, but then they also enjoyed making pom-poms again at knitting club today. We had a relaxing time winding balls around our fingers and thumbing through a pile of old Knitter's magazines donated by the local library. The kids had a lot to say about the designs in the magazines!

DD chose Ostrich Plumes for the next pattern in the Pi and I doubt it's going to look good after the more open modified leaf pattern. Worth a try, though -- worst thing that can happen is I frog it again.

I've been measuring and analyzing Sweater and as far as I can tell, Michelle simply flared it by tweaking her gauge. Up a needle size? I will have to email her and ask. The only place you can add stitches without messing up the proportions of the cables is in the sides, and that wouldn't give the all-around swing style of flare.

As for grading up bootees, choose easy numbers, be conservative, and take comfort in the fact that knitted fabric is very elastic. If you switch from sock yarn to sportweight, you can rapidly get into the toddler or larger size range. BTDT! I promise to write a more detailed post about this in the near future, but the essense of it is the little sock I posted had a 40 st shank and a 14/14/14 top of foot, with an overall length of 3.25" or so. Tiny feet tend to get a bit longer first, as they really do start with magnificent depth and pretty good width. Thus, you can play around with things but stepping the shank up to 44 st, and maybe a 16/14/16 would work? Add a few rows to the tongue, but still start the decreases around 9 or 10 after the pu. They are gradual steps up, and if the shank gets loose the bootees will fly happily across the room at the first kick. I really must find that strap and button pattern...