Friday, January 20, 2006

My Friend Sweater

First, two photos of my favorite sweater, aka Sweater, knit by Michelle in Austin, Texas. I wear this sweater nearly every day and adore it. It's from Two Sticks and a String, Irish wool, and the swing coat shape is perfect. One of the very best gifts I have ever received...

I've been chipping away at swatching for the three KALs listed in the sidebar. I'm not going to do the Knitting Olympics because we don't have a functioning TV. Neat idea, though! DD loves my Pi swatch but I will die of boredom knitting it (eyelet and cool math, but not enough needle interest) and am going to have to choose a lace pattern to play with before the cast-on day. I'm using variegated blue KnitPicks Merino, and I've set a parameter of using a Kiri style start and top edge since that garter strip is so easy to block.

I'm not a huge fan of swatching for the sake of swatching because I have a bad case of thrift and I'm not fond of samples. I used to be meticulous about making samples and keeping a notebook, but I have bins of samples in storage and about ten years ago that became simply enough already! This is also the first time in my life that I've been able to afford yarn without juggling the books, and I am enjoying that, but I still find ways to use any snippets longer than 1.5". Some habits are worthwhile.

This week's swatching is fingerless mitts for DD crossed with trying out some of Lavold's cables to see if I want to use them in the FLAK. Patons Kroy, US#1's, k2p2 base with a stockinette palm. I'll probably knit the FLAK with Cascade 220. Today I knit a bit of lattice. I'm having a gauge issue, but otherwise the test is running smoothly (and DD loves the cable). I knew the numerous and frequent crosses would make a stiff fabric, but I was surprised by the density. My first thought was, "Hmm, if I use this lattice in the front panel, the sweater will hang straight as a board over my little tummy and conceal it!" I am concerned, however, that my loosey-goosey moss stitch filler will looked smocked where it abuts the cables, so foresee either switching fillers or doing short rows, or both. I am also sorely tempted to make my FLAK flare like Sweater, since it really is comfortable for my body shape. The FLAK is top-down, so I'll buy enough yarn and then see how it fits as I go.

Thanks to all for the comments about the little socks. If you want a response, please leave me enough clues to find either your blog or email addy, since Blogger is no*reply. I will post more patterns as I dig them out of the files or write them. I have an especially nice, truly stay-on garter stitch crawling bootee with a strap and button, and somewhere an over-the-knee shaped baby sock. I wonder, though, if those patterns are in the KnitList pattern archives? Perhaps around 1994 or so? Helen, do you know?