Friday, December 30, 2005

afk, but knitting!

Blogger and I are having a little disagreement today, so here's a pile of photos and a bit of text, but I've given up on alignment! Sorry...

An omiyage for an amber pendant made by Nome. DD's handspun bombyx. If you're ever in Eugene, Oregon, stop by the Saturday Market to see the beautiful jewelry in Nome's booth. Her wirework is perfection. Also, some Nancy Finn dyed bombyx DD spun, in swatch mode but probably becoming wristlets. Nancy uses the *best* quality fibers and I wish the photo showed the variation of hues better... The yarn is gorgeous.

DD's new Balkan spindles. The mesquite is feather light and spins forever, perfectly balanced. The honey locust will be perfect for plying her silk fingering.
Alden's woodworking is always superb, but these are spectacular!

A messenger bag, Elann's pilling Peruvian Highlands Wool, washed and dried once with a load of laundry, flap and toggle added for stability as the top falls open otherwise. It is very comfortable, holds two hardcovers or a pile of paperbacks.

A batch of slipper socks and hats to send off to The Ships Project to keep sailors warm and let them know we're thinking of them at home.