Monday, February 13, 2006

It works

Planning's over and I'm into the fun part, knitting! The goal was to knit a mirror shawl in traveling vine and tweak the lace to grow smoothly and branch. It took a day of swatching, charting, and calculations to remember how this lace works and why. I've only done two scarves in it, one 20 years ago, the other ten years ago, so I had a fuzzily happy memory but nothing solid. It has two elements, a yo, k1b, yo, and a decrease two every row. They travel in opposition through a field of stockinette, bump into each other, switch directions, and so on, zig-zagging along. The decrease vine eats stitches in one direction, then the other, distorting the field.

I'm not being terribly fussy about the motif width and instead am trying to enjoy the ride, to play with the lace repeats and figure out how to increase without messing up the lace. Distortion, yes, a bit of wiggle, sure, but it should look organic, not as if I counted incorrectly. So far, so good, though the photo reveals that I need to be a bit more aware of positive and negative space, the shapes created down the center line, and the way the field tends to expand along the edge.

The yarn is Luna and I have six 50 gram balls, of which I've used 25 grams, a bit over 9" to the point. The viscose portion of the yarn split at first because I frogged the cast-on a few times, but as long as I handle it only once it behaves nicely. It feels wonderful. I'm far enough along that I can see what to do next, but am typing the pattern as I go just in case I make a blooper and have to frog.