Thursday, January 26, 2006

Book sale and mitts

Risa has a link to the Interweave Hurt Book Sale! I really like Don Pierce and his book, Sandy Maine's soap books, and the Companion series. I haven't thumbed through David Dean's book, but I love his work. I am an advocate of buying hurt or used books. The disposable theme of modern society really bothers me.

DD's mitts are coming along. I really want to play more with adding another rib to the uneven cable you can see on
Cindy's blog, the one flanking the center. The stitch count just didn't work for the back of DD's hand, though, so instead I'm doing a slightly different version of what I put on the back of her left hand. Should finish it this weekend and will post Monday or so.

Dee and I have been corresponding about the pattern. It is way too stiff, a real needle-bender, in Paton's Kroy on US#1's, a nice sock yarn that tends to be a bit heavier grist and sturdy. Increasing the needle size will make the cable too wide for DD's hands, so I think a finer grist is the solution. Of course this will wreak havoc with the row count, but it's easy enough to lengthen the plain ribbing or add another cable crossing to the center. (You should see what I've done to Rogue to get the length DD and I need!) One of the givens with complex cables is they are stiff. I'll see if I can figure out a good balance.