Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quick post

It was Teen Knitting Club day. Mostly boys this time!!! Total beginners, a bit wary of the yarn, but sweet and a lot of fun. It was high tide, so the only shorebird around was Mr. Willet, who likes me and posed and bobbed when I chatted with him.

Brenda mentioned the blog! Franklin's piece about stash is hilarious! I hadn't realized the Cast-On podcasts were such a delight.

Oh, and as for the olympic knitting, um, I'm helping DD finish a quilt tonight so will knit more tomorrow... The shawl is growing and I'm trying to get it to curve to the front, doing lots of math (didn't I say I chose to do this because I wouldn't have to do math? Little did I know...). Need to pick up a longer needle on Friday since the one I have will soon be too short. I will post photos of the lace glob when it looks significantly different from the last pic.

Anybody want to meet at Stitches West on Friday? I'm going just to shop and chat, a first for me. Always before I have worked at textile conventions and I am really looking forward to wandering around, knitting, and laughing with friends. [The first poppy of spring -- our state flower.]