Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another laptop bag

I've been knitting a new laptop bag for DD's summer school computer. I started it late one night, after my 9:00 p.m. No Math cut-off time, so it's going to be an interesting size that will probably be large enough for two or three laptops... We'll see just how persuasive an energetic fulling can be.

I'm using some Brown Sheep bulky and a sturdy, pointy, Boye 29" size 8 circ from W-M. I don't like using my expensive needles on something this heavy; I've broken off too many cables. This is rapidly becoming a favorite needle, though, because it fits my hands and the points really are nice. I'm knitting a dense fabric because I liked the hand of that swatch, fulled, the most.

I cast on the outer edge of the base, long-tail, and knit a mitered rectangle, grafting the center seam. I picked up around the base (too well -- it's an invisible transition and I'd meant to have an edge) and am now knitting upward. I'll probably add a zipper to the top and a long, wide strap. Depending on how the fabric feels after fulling, I might reinforce portions with heavy cotton twill tape since the bag is going to belong to a teen.