Monday, September 11, 2006

Imaginary Friends

On Saturday, DD and I took the ferry to the city, ran a bunch of errands and ended up on the ... ... train down the Peninsula. And, after a day on the move, we spent a few hilarious hours listening to ...
Stephanie, who exclaimed, "My imaginary friends!" when DD and I introduced ourselves. If you're a knitter seeking that sense of fitting in, of being normal, a confirmation that you are on the right path, then attend one of Stephanie's talks. There is something wonderful about sitting in a sea of 300 knitters, laughing together for a few hours, totally enjoying Stephanie's jokes.

We had supper with Lynette and Nathania and got flyers for N's new knitting store, Purlescence, which we're planning to visit as soon as it opens. She's near a train station and a Peet's, so we're set!

Teen knitting club was a joy this week. Only had a handful of kids, all mellow and industrious. One learned to knit last week and another, a shy 6th grader, knit his first row Wednesday. His little brother had gone to knitting club at the K-1-2 last year, but there wasn't a club at the 3-4-5, so this fellow was delighted to find out that he could FINALLY learn how to knit. The first stitch made him squint and mutter, "This is tricky..." By stitch number three he had a rhythm going, and he finished a row rapidly after that! We applauded and he blushed. Charming.