Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ent Fashion GOLD

Done. Ten minutes before the finish time, ends all woven in. I haven't washed and blocked it yet, and will wait until the current storm has passed so the poor thing has a chance of drying. Sorry about the lop-sided photo; DD is a teen...

Here's a quick snap of the wing. It sits comfortably around the shoulders because of the way I flared the vine pattern. The edging doesn't show very well (needs blocking) but is a simple sawtooth of lattice.

In a late-night email to Cathy, my valiant cheerleader, I wrote that Steph says the shawl looks like the leaf shawl Helen Mirren picked up from the forest floor when playing Morgan in Excalibur. It would make a great duck blind. I was aiming for an organic look and definitely got it. It would be the perfect accessory for an Entish Halloween costume.

The ginger thins and dark chocolate covered espresso beans really made a difference around 3 this morning as I was swatching edgings and hoping not to run out of yarn. Oh, stats. It's around 29,200 stitches and I had 10 grams of yarn left so the weight is 290 grams. And yes, I have the entire stitch-by-stitch pattern in a file on the computer. I can't not do that after years of writing beadwork patterns. I'll post some of the notes another day; learned a few interesting things as I knit this silly thing.

The shawl feels good around the shoulders, very elastic and hugging. It isn't my style, but if nobody wants it when it's blocked, well, I have friends who hunt ducks...