Thursday, June 08, 2006

Feeding frenzy

A rare treat today while I was walking (and knitting a Trekking sock): sharks. They were in the shallows, 18" to 48" of incoming tide, swimming in ever-smaller circles and then shooting through the middle with mouths wide open. DD and I figured they might be herding a new hatch of small yummy things? It was a wild sight, sharks spinning daisies all over the cove. Here are four shots of the one closest to the bank.

Alfred's 13EEE Trekking socks are ready for a fitting; I tried them on and can see why it took so long to knit them -- BIG SOCKS!!! I've started my Trek Along pair for DD, whose shank is as big as Alfred's now and pure muscle. She will soon be able to look down at me...

My apologies for the low photo quality and messy layout. My big computer died and I'm on borrowed laptops for another week or two.