Friday, December 02, 2005


I'm not usually a fan of memes, but it seems to be the least crying-in-my-beer way to answer a bunch of questions about me that I've been fielding lately.

The husband, aka Himself, says the following about memes and recommends reading various books. And yes, this is the way he speaks most of the time. Every now and then he lightens up and we see his surfer side, but usually it's the Professor. "Human societies carry information via memes and their individual members have biological constraints known as genes. The gene pool and the meme pool are the modes of transference of information from generation to generation within a society or culture. Humans as a species have a relatively large meme pool because of their high ability to process and extract abstract information (storage of external metadata, etc.)."

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TEN random things you might not know about me
1. I have a deep-seated resentment of computers because the time machine my big brother built out of cardboard and Christmas lights didn't whisk him away even when I sang The Good Ship Lollipop full voice to help the batteries work.
2. I count things instinctively, like how many thousands of carrots seeds I am planting, how many stitches I've knit, how many strokes I've whisked some cake batter... It's soothing, nearly subconscious, and when I'm done I can look in a spot of my mind and find the final tally.
3. If I put a small stuffed animal on my chest I will sleep all night on my back without rolling. I had to learn this so I wouldn't roll over on my broken nose when I was a teen.
4. I read between one and three romances per day and very little else. I like happy endings and have the complete works of
Elizabeth Bevarly and oodles of other authors.
5. I have relative perfect pitch and uncannily good hearing, even though I have had severe tinnitus since a double ear infection when I was ten.
6. I have a photographic memory but cannot see well enough to drive.
7. When I was young I was only allowed to sing indoors if I ran the old Hoover at the same time, so I am exceptionally fond of vacuuming.
8. I have had two primary melanomas and one is resident and inoperable in my dominant eye, though irradiated. The radiation burns are healing very slowly, so I cannot risk flying, let alone leaning over or taking BART under the Bay.
9. I have no immunity to viruses and thus live a somewhat reclusive life.
10. I am named after my grandmother who was named after her grandmother who was named after her grandmother, and so on, just as my daughter is named after my mother...

NINE places I’ve visited
1. Canada for five minutes -- a friend drove me over the border just so we could see the hunky Canadian guards. Other than that, I've never left the 48 lower States.
2. Millie's Footpass near Mt. Whitney, California, with Bob & Dad
3. The Cascade Range, Oregon, with Bob, Christina, and the neighbor girl
4. The Wind River Range, Wyoming [photos are Dad's of Square Top and of the Grumman & moi on Green River]
5. Wupatki and Lomaki Pueblos, Nevada, with Tim
6. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado (for the first Interweave Bead Bash)
7. Tony Grove Lake, near Logan, Utah, with Linda T.
8. Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, Tempe, Arizona (played cello there with LHS orch)
9. Rainbow Falls, Glacier National Park, Montana, with the ex

EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. Make my daughter laugh
2. Take away the pain
3. Play cards with me
4. Rub my back
5. Drive me to the grocery store
6. Lend me a Regency I have yet to read
7. Wear what I've knit for you
8. Make *me* laugh

SEVEN things I want to do before I die (something I think about a lot)
1. See my friends from high school in Utah
2. Tidy all the paperwork properly so the transition won't be so hard on my daughter
3. Play cello again (mine was stolen)
4. Visit Scotland and see if I blend in
5. Hear
Drew Minter sing again
6. Become healthy enough to swim in the Pacific again
7. Visit my farm in Montana

SIX things I’m afraid of
1. Metastases
2. Having to go back on pain killers
3. Tornadoes
4. Scorpions
5. Car wrecks
6. Going blind

FIVE things I don’t like
1. Pain
2. Scary movies
3. Puking the dregs after a fluorescein angiograph
4. People who won't take responsibility for their actions
5. Drunk drivers

FOUR ways to turn me off
1. Lie to me
2. Smell bad
3. Be rude
4. Take the last slice of pie

THREE things I do every day (besides housework)
1. Make something beautiful
2. Pray for one of my friends
3. Strive for better health

TWO things that make me happy
1. Walking home from the library with my daughter and listening to her babble about her day at school
2. Singing

ONE thing on my mind right now
1. What to fix for supper?