Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some progress

It is Wednesday, so here are bird photos from my walk. It was raining and I found out my camera takes pictures of the rain drops, which end up looking like missing pixels in the photo. The sanderlings are cute anyway. It was mostly sleeping ducks and some harlequins diving in shallow water.

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by my list of things to make this month so I joined a few more KALs for encouragement and inspiration. I am making headway, but it's been three years since I tried to meet a deadline like this and I'm definitely out of practice. Miscalculations include the facts that when it's cold out I knit at about one-fourth my usual speed, and when it rains the needles get tacky and I cannot knit. Winter here hasn't really begun but we've had a chilly snap (doesn't qualify as properly cold) and some rain. At least I'm warm in my wool socks and the Aran sweater Michelle knit.

I cast on a quick bag for one of DD's teachers today. She's a Yankees fan so DD asked for blue and white pin stripe, which is vertical so I've cast on one side edge, increased to make a triangle at the bottom/center, and am now knitting the body of the bag. The white is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted and the navy is Elann's PHW. I'm going to work double decreases at the far edge, then sew the side seams, add some sort of border around the top, add a strap, full, and block. You can see the sloppy k's that form the fold lines between the front, back, and base. I had all purls and decided it was too subtle, so laddered and turned them into knits. Much better, and I'll rub out the slack when fulling.