Monday, February 27, 2006

Morgan's code

Since we're in the midst of a miserable squall, here's a cheerful photo of our tree fern from a few weeks ago.

Yes, I will post the pattern for Morgan here soon, but it is my grandmother's 96th birthday on Saturday and I have to knit something for her, if only an omiyage for some chocolates, so that takes priority. I have Morgan's pattern in Word, the calculations sheet in Excel, and just need to modify the initial bit of the back neck so it increases more smoothly (there's a bit too much fabric in one spot and not quite enough in another. This will be labeled a DRAFT pattern since it hasn't been test knit, just composed on the fly. I would appreciate it if you email me with any and all suggestions and corrections. Before that, comments about the best way to post a pattern to the blog, especially the spreadsheet, are most welcome. I'd rather not have to email it privately as it is tax time and I'm mired in receipts.

I pulled the pins this morning so the shawl could relax, and I have it draped on the back of the couch now. It didn't need a hard blocking since the gauge of the stockinette portions was already spot on for that grist. This shawl feels like a dream around the shoulders and has great drape. Unless a family member or close friend nabs it before I finish tweaking the pattern, I'll have a drawing here for the prototype. As I told Claudia, the pointy aspect just doesn't do it for me. DD thinks I should take Heather's recommendation and have each contestant submit the reason why she needs to own Morgan the Duck Blind. [Keep in mind that if you have a prong-style engagement ring, it will snag on the viscose filament.] I'll post here when it's time for entries.