Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Still at it

Nothing interesting to report. Still chipping away at taxes, but making headway. Not my favorite exercise! Luckily, I like my accountant and she'll do the hard parts. I've only been knitting in between tasks, in waiting rooms, etc. The latest batch of bootees is done and ready to ship. Definitely a good use for leftover Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. This is Tuscany, IIRC.

I knit half a shank of Alfred's socks (prototype, so might have to rip) at the eye doctor on Monday. I'm scheduled for a little laser "procedure" next Wednesday so these are a good project to knit until my brain can make sense of the new eye format. I'm undecided about Trekking. Does it full much? My gauge on 1's seems awfully loose and I know I was a nervous wreck when I was knitting so expected it to be too tight.

I'm into the next level on the Anniversary Pi and finding it a bit fussy. It's still raining here so the FLAK is on hold. Sooner or later the rain will stop and I can wash the yarn and have a hope of getting it dry...

Has anyone out there modified a couch so it's easier to remove dpns that have fallen under the arms and back? I'm seriously considering removing some of the muslin down there and installing a tray to catch the runaways.