Tuesday, March 07, 2006


When a design has gone awry mid-span, how wonky does it have to be for you to rip it out? Do you surf the wave and finish the thing, knowing you'll rip it later, or do you rip back to the good part immediately and make changes on the fly?

What do you consider to be valid reasons for frogging? Gauge, fit, and blaring errors in lace or cables that cannot be fixed via laddering or localized surgery? It's so ugly you'll never wear it and you doubt a charity will accept it? You're on a yarn budget and have found something more appealing to make with that specific yarn?

Have you ever done a partial frog, tried something different, then frogged back and returned to the original design, realizing it had merit after all?

Do you plan ahead, then knit carefully in order to avoid making grievous errors, or are you carefree, casting on and knitting an idea, figuring you can always frog later if it turns into a dud?

Do you bribe yourself, have a special frogging ceremony, or are you like me? I swap chores with my daughter and she converts the knitmess back into tidy balls of yarn. She especially enjoys frogging beadwork, which involves scissors and bowls and tweezers and sedating her mother for the duration.

And yes, the root of this post is because I'm knitting the last bit of something disappointing, but I'm riddled with doubt because everyone else thinks it's wonderful. Is it my eyes deceiving me, am I too picky, or do I simply have poor taste? I chose to finish it anyway, hoping that when it's done I will see the beauty others see in this pattern.

Update: an article recommended by Sheri.