Thursday, March 16, 2006

In between & UFO's

First, Cassie sent me this link to the best Huldu yet.

I'm in between on a bunch of projects. I'm waiting for the weather to clear before washing all that green Cascade 220 for my FLAK, else it won't ever dry. We've had a lot of rain, mostly squalls, lots of horizontal hail and drenching downpours. The nasturtiums are resplendent and already blooming in sunny spots.

I was digging in the stash for some yarn to do a beta of Morgan and found two UFO's (a rarity for me since I love to finish), both on US#3's, for DD, and from the Texas years when I was on pain meds and knitting by feel. One is a mohair/silk shaped lace shawl and the other is a cardi made from a cone of cotton embroidery floss. She outgrew both so I set them aside, thinking I'd rip them later. I have notes somewhere but don't need them since they're both sufficiently obvious patterns. There are buttons and ribbon for the cardi stowed somewhere, gorgeous things from Britex and worth finding. I think I'll finish at least the mohair, though I'm putting it in the slow lane for later. I like the cardi more, but there's a lot of work left. Anybody wear a 32" cardi? Maybe I can cheat and turn it into a summery something with minimal sleeves...

I just ripped my pi back to row 48 and have glommed together a lace pattern that is a cross between the small leaf I used in the first section and the modified arrow I will use later. A bit more fussing and it should work.

I'm plugging away at the second sock in the ringel pair (finally), finished C's socks without the ankle shaping (brain rebelled -- I'll make the next pair fit better), and am wearing my new yellow Opal socks today.

I get the sniffles every time I pick up the Claudia brand yarn for those fingerless gloves so will have to jettison that project and use a different yarn (fabric softener, I think, and I've washed the hank but it's still fragrant). Am pondering changing the needle size in the Koigu mitts and keep taking out the fabric and fondling it, trying to decide.

I really need to whip up some more bootees for gifts. Haven't even looked at the CIT swatches for a month. It will happen, but DD needs a larger Rogue more than I need a cardi. She needs socks for her size 10 and growing feet, too. It's a good thing I like to knit!