Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Lots and lots of big birds today, over a dozen egrets, a new flock of terns, the usual curlews and willets, more young gulls, and only a few hundred ducks. One of the curlews was calling -- what a beautiful sound! The tide was way out, but a snowy was at a culvert and posed beautifully when I told him what a lovely fellow he was.

Knitting club was fun. Had three tables of kids (mostly girls this week) making friendship bracelets and teaching each other different braids and knots, DD spun silk froghair, one of my pompom boys decided to learn to knit and had it down pat in a dozen stitches, fewer than a dozen boys stayed to make projects, but a lot darted in and out, and there were a bunch more new kids this week as well as piles of regulars. The darters do that for a few weeks and eventually feel comfortable enough to stay and play. The administration continues to be surprised that so many guys come to club, let alone that they behave perfectly. Don't ask me how I feel about the administration...

Today I tried something new. Five minutes before the bell was going to ring, I clapped twice. Everyone was instantly quiet. I said loudly, "Start cutting thread for projects to work on until next Wednesday." They dove in happily and when the bell rang they'd already tidied nearly all the stray bits of yarn and thread! Such good kids. I often see them around town or at the library after school, and they always smile and often hold up a wrist to show me what they've made.

I just knit another pair of newborn bootees to give away. Had an eye appointment yesterday and it was rather horrid; knitting makes the experience bearable. Since my orb has surprised them by surviving its ordeal, we're starting another set of tests to see if we can heal my unhappy macula. The diagnostic equipment is amazing. They can do a macular scan now that shows tissue density, where pockets of swelling are, and makes it all measurable. Sure wish there were a way to turn off my brain, though. Ouch! The bootee pattern is quick and small, and has few enough rows that I can keep track in my head since I'm fully dilated (and thus can't see much) for hours during and more hours after the exam. [When I had the first surgery, I had to keep my eyes dilated for weeks and could see color and intricate detail in the dark. Eerie!] I am putting a nice dent in the bin of leftover sock yarn and will soon have a nice stash of bootees on hand. I'll post more bird photos if/when Blogger decides to comply. Isn't this pair of terns wonderful?! They were watching the rest of the flock dive.