Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A few photos

Serious wind today, trying to tear my knitting from my hands as I walked along the shore. The only birds on the water were some coots with bills pointed into the gale.

I did find a handsome comrade with an injured hip mooching in the library courtyard. It's easy pickings and he's young and still has some use of the leg, so I hope it's just a strain. He was courteous (and well-fed) enough to wait patiently until I got up before hopping over to see if I left any treats. If I'd had some leather gauntlets... but my years of chicken chasing and playing junior vet are long gone.

I tried the Morgan shawl on many body types today and figured out the necessary modifications. I could have sold a dozen shawls just to a handful of ladies at school. Shawls are definitely still in style.

We made friendship bracelets at knitting club. A few of the kids can tie a half knot, but they don't know what it's called! Whatever happened to tangible reality, to tying knots in jump ropes or your brother's shoelaces?